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*Currently Only Available in Perth, WA.

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What Is a Music N boogie Class?

Music N Boogie is an exciting, themed interactive program designed specifically for children aged 0-5 years old. Our 30 minute classes are designed to bring, music, dance, singing, fun with props and puppets, funky dress-up, interactive role   play, imagination and creativity plus plenty of giggles and laughter.


Our unique, one-of-a-kind classes go way beyond a music class. Think dance class, drama class, music class, themed party, rhyme time, all mixed in to one and there you have a Jelly Tots Music N Boogie class. Children are learning and building their confidence and social skills without even realising.


Jelly Tots have been running Music N Boogie classes in community centres, indoor play centres and day cares for the past 2 and a half years in Perth and they have proven to be extremely popular amongst children of all ages.  


What Makes Music N Boogie Classes SO Unique & Special?

We offer 30 exciting themes with a different entertaining character to host each class. Elisa is full of energy, enthusiasm, humour and charm which plays a huge part of the excitement and laughter that fills each and every class.  A magic is created for each child and Elisa's love for entertaining and educating children is reflected in every class.


Every class includes musical instruments, bells, shiny dancing pom poms, bubbles and a themed story for everyone to enjoy.  Another highlight is the many different themed puppets and funny characters that make an appearance and interact comically bringing even more excitement and giggles.


Bringing yet another surprise are all of the themed props and funky dress-ups that delight the children from week to week.    


Music N Boogie classes are filled with all the favourite nursery rhymes and action songs that children recognise and love to sing-along to.  Our program has the perfect mix of familiar songs plus lots of new ones too. We also throw in a few funky ones we have written ourselves, including songs with familiar tunes making it easier for the children to learn.


We Are Confident Your Child Will Love Music N Boogie

The Most Exciting, Creative & Interactive Themed Program Available in Day Care Centres in Perth  

Our Program Encourages Children To Express Themselves Through Music, Dance, Puppets, Funky Props, Dress-Up, Imagination & Role Play.


A Wonderful, Educational Opportunity For Children To Learn, Develop, Build Their Confidence & Explore Creative Arts