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Toy Story 3

Calling all fellow cowboys, cowgirls, space ranger and rangettes.  Join Jessie on her mission to Infinity and Beyond.  Climb aboard Buzz Lightyears’ spaceship and take a ride to the day care centre to save all the toys from Lottso, the not so friendly teddy bear!  Search for Buzz’s magic space rocks and stand as still as you can in your greatest cowboy or space-ranger statue.  Ride on Bullseye the horse 'yeehaaa', act like crazy aliens to scare away Lottso the Bear and break free of the day care centre.  The party is not over until everyone has taken a ride on the whizzing flying saucer.


Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatters Tea Party

Your very own Alice will welcome all mini guests to Wonderland and take everyone on a magical fantasy adventure, but don't be late as there is so much fun to be had!  To make this party extra special for a small extra charge we offer a special guest appearance from Mr Rabbit himself - a full masked mascot sized costume, catch him for a hug before he does a runner.


Aladdin/Princess Jasmine's Magical Adventure

Take an exciting adventure to a whole new world and follow an Arabian prince or princess around Aladdin's mystical cave.  But beware the evil villain Jefar and his magical powers.  The princesses will love the balloon heart wands and the prince's swords will come in handy to protect the Arabian princesses.  Themed music included alongside popular party tunes.


Bob the Builder

Meet Bobbie, Bob's lovely young and fun sister who has arrived just in time to round up all the builders and buildettes and take them on an adventure to Bobsville.  Can we avoid Bulldozer Bill and rescue the builders yard in time to sing the special birthday song. Enjoy lots of fun and laughter based around Bob and his friends.  Who can sing our favourite Bob song to impress all the grown ups. To make this party extra special, for a small extra charge we offer a guest appearance from Bob the Builder; a full masked mascot sized costume.  Arriving just in time to have a boogie with the little people and have some photos taken.


The Ben 10 Show with Fun Guy the Cool Dude

Your very own Ben 10 will host a mixture of lively alien fun plus magic, perfect for the Ben 10 fanatics!  Even Harvey the monkey is dressed as Ben 10 and brings giggles and tickles to the party.  Each alien hero receives either a balloon sword, gun or forearms and alien heroettes receive a girlie balloon.  Each hero will have the opportunity to pin the Omnitrix on the correct part of Ben 10's arm.  But beware that Vilgax isn't lurking nearby!  Please note, this party does not include tattoos.


Buzz Lightyear's Magical Space Adventure

Your very crazy wacky Dizzy will take the children into outer space to a mystery galaxy.   Collect the magical moon rocks, ride on magical space horses to rescue the captured astonauts but beware those slimy aliens, catch the magic flying dust and ride a whizzing flying saucer.  The party is not over until Buzz Lightyear makes a magical appearance to make lightsabers and wands for all the space rangers and rangettes...a truly space-tastic party.


Sponge Bob

Join a pirate or sea-fairy entertainer on a fun and exciting magical sea themed adventure. Get the party warmed up with Pearl's colourful pom pom dance, then climb aboard the magical boat and row to a nearby tropical island, swim to the bottom of the ocean and race to find the hidden sea shells on a manic treasure hunt.  Crazy crab statues and Sponge Bob dancing competitions have been known to get even the grown-ups dancing along!  As an additional extra you can add a Sponge Bob appearance as a great finale to your party.


Lazy Town

"Welcome to Lazy town" Take a crazy energetic adventure through Lazy Town with your very own host 'Stephanie'.  Learn Sportucus' crazy workout dance, all little hands on board to bake a giant birthday cake, Lazy Town themed singing & dancing...but beware of Robbie Rotton's naughty tricks..."There's Always a Way!


Disney Cars

A fun theme perfect for all those Lightning McQueen fans.  It is race time and all Disney cars are to zoom around the track collecting the Disney Car treasures, making sure not to be in last place.  This theme will be hosted by a red racing car driver and includes racing car statues, dancing competition, Disney Cars quiz and more.